Appropriations Committee – All-Bill Summary 2021

SF 284—Workday Supplemental

SF 284 appropriates $21 million for FY21 from the General Fund to the Office of Chief Information Officer to implement a new state central personnel, accounting and budget system (Workday).
[Senate 2/9: 32-17 (Yes: Republicans, Bisignano; Excused: Nunn); House 2/18: 58-38; Gov signed 2/23]

SF 592—FY22 Transportation Budget

SF 592 is the FY22 Department of Transportation (DOT) budget. There are two new appropriations, both from the Primary Road Fund (PRF), that total $10 million. This includes $5.3 million for major maintenance and $4.7 million for routine maintenance and preservation at DOT facilities. Major Maintenance funds will be used to enhance and extend the life of DOT facilities. It will include adding new features, such as brine buildings and mechanic bays across the state. Routine maintenance and preservation will allow more flexibility in DOT spending decisions.

Annual maintenance-related appropriations typically funded as separate line-items that are now in the “Facility Routine Maintenance” include:

  • Utility improvements
  • Garage roofing projects
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) improvements
  • Field facility deferred maintenance
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements.

Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE) Field Facilities: $400,000 – new appropriation from the Road Use Tax Fund (RUTF) designed to maintain the various enforcement field facilities.


  • Highway Division: $4.1 million increase to replace existing medium- and heavy-duty trucks and to fund nine new FTE positions. The FTE positions will perform project development and field construction inspection. The increase will also fund a more consistent replacement of snow plow blades. An increase in salt usage has resulted in the DOT needing more funds to cover the cost of salt. Three years ago, the DOT began transitioning medium- and heavy-duty trucks to a 12-year replacement cycle from a 15-year cycle. The DOT had recommended this transition to a shorter lifespan as repairs and parts, some of which are becoming obsolete, are costlier on older vehicles. There is a decrease of $2.3 million for Inventory and Equipment from the PRF as a result of funds being shifted to the Highway appropriation.
  • Motor Vehicle Division Field Facility Maintenance: $400,000, an increase of $100,000. Many of these facilities are used often and are front-facing. The additional funds will be used for increased maintenance. 
  • Rest Area Facility Maintenance: $400,000, an increase of $150,000. Funds will help better maintain rest areas, which are widely used by the public and often highly visible from the highway.


  • State Road Maps: Decrease of $242,000. Maps are now printed every other year, rather than annually. Design and printing costs were allocated in FY21 for the new Iowa Transportation 2021-2022 maps.
  • DOT Workers’ Compensation: Decrease of $762,186 (RUTF $30,487/PRF $731,699) in payments to the Department of Administrative Services due to fewer workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ Compensation covers all approved medical expenses for the treatment of employee injuries and lost wages if the employee is incapacitated for more than three days. Premiums are based on a five-year rolling average of claims experience for the DOT.
  • Statewide Communication System: Decrease of $123,476. Lease payments are being shifted from RUTF/PRF to RIIF as additional public safety organizations use the system.
  • Inventory and Equipment: Decrease of $2.3 million as a result of funds being shifted to the Highway Division appropriation. The FY22 budget reflects a decrease of $11,287,000 for a one-time capital expenditure for repairs at the Ames Administration Building allocated in FY21.
    [Senate 4/28: 48-0 (Excused: Nunn, Schultz); House 5/6: 90-0; Gov signed 6/8]

SF 615—FY22 Standings

SF 615 is the FY22 standings appropriations bill. Standing appropriations, with the changes in this bill, equal $3.98 billion. This is a $31.5 million reduction from the standing appropriations in Iowa Code. However, it is a $43.8 million increase over FY21 appropriations.

Division I: Limitations of Standing Appropriations

The bill limits certain standing appropriations:

  • Nonpublic School Pupil Transportation: $8.9 million is appropriated. This is a $1.9 million decrease to the standing appropriation. This is a $800,000 increase from the FY21 appropriation.
  • Instructional Support State Aid: $0. This is a $14.8 million decrease to the standing appropriation. This is no change from the FY21 appropriation.
  • State Aid for Area Education Agencies (AEA): A $15 million reduction in the standing appropriation. This is no change from FY21 appropriation.

Standing appropriations are listed in Iowa Code. If you do not see the standing appropriation listed in the bill, the appropriation line item is funded at statutory level.

A few notable Standing appropriation items are:

  • School State Aid: $3.4 billion. This is a $21.5 million increase (with the AEA cut) over FY21. The minimal school funding increase was enacted by SF 269.
  • The Legislative Branch is funded at the standing unlimited amount of $37 million. This is a $1 million increase over FY21.
  • The Technology Reinvestment Fund is funded at the statutory level of $17.5 million from the General Fund. This fund was not funded out of the General Fund in FY21.
  • The Homestead Tax Credit, Elderly & Disabled Tax Credit, Ag Land Tax Exemption and Military Service Tax Exemption are fully funded.
  • The Commercial and Industrial Property Tax Replacement ($152 million) and the Business Property Tax Credit ($125 million) are fully funded.

Division II: Miscellaneous Appropriations

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