APX Construction Announces Commercial Building Boom

APX Construction Announces Commercial Building BoomAPX Construction Announces Commercial Building Boom

Local Mankato Construction Group, APX Construction, is revealing to the public the reasons why commercial construction is undergoing a huge rebound now.

Mankato, MN – Jun 2, 2021 – APX Construction Group, a locally owned and operated construction company based in Mankato, MN, is making known that commercial construction in the Mankato area is busier than it has ever been.

Lumber Prices

Many business owners are worried about escalating lumber prices.  This is a legitimate concern.  When thinking about this problem, business owners should remember that prices are not going to go down anytime in the near future.  The pandemic has resulted in shortages in many areas in the construction trades.  Lumber is no different.

Lumber prices are high because lumber is hard to find.  The logging companies that used to be very busy were stalled during the pandemic.  Commercial sawmills were forced to shut down because their labor force could not come to work.  This caused the shortage of finished lumber all across the country.


It will quite naturally take a long time to make up the backlog that sawmills face right now.  So, business owners should not assume if they wait, lumber will be cheaper. It’s more likely that it won’t get cheaper in the near future.   

This is one reason APX Construction is seeing an uptick in commercial construction:  Smart business owners know that they need to lock in their lumber prices right now before it gets worse.  They need to go ahead with their building projects rather than put them on the back burner and risk even higher costs.

Market analysts note that there will be a correction in lumber prices at some point, but it probably won’t happen until well into 2022.  Trends in lumber prices or prices of any other commodities cannot really be predicted with any certainty.  Business owners must work with what they have right now.  

Pent-up Demand

Another reason APX Construction Group sees this increase in commercial building projects is because many companies had already planned a construction project before the world shut down for the pandemic.  Their projects were stalled while workers stayed home and everyone was waiting to see what was going to happen.  

Now businesses are ready to get back to work. The business owners still need the buildings that they had planned.  They probably need them even more now that so much time has passed.  They are anxious to grow their business and are stalled because they need more space, or they need to relocate to a better market.  Getting their own business back up to speed requires them to push forward with their construction projects. 


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After 20 years of watching the construction industry, APX Construction Group founders know this is the best time to start a commercial building project. 

About APX Construction Group

Founded in 2014 by experienced local construction experts Ryan Evenson and Mitch Rohlfing, APX Construction Group https://apxconstructiongroup.com/ provides all the services customers need when doing a construction project.  Starting with design-build services all the way through to facilities maintenance, they can manage every aspect of the project.

You can learn more about the company here: https://g.page/apxconstructiongroup?share

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