ASE Direct partners with HealthySole to provide new UVC infection control

BRENTWOOD, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ASE Direct, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, announced today a new agreement to offer the HealthySole® PLUS, a clinically-proven ultraviolet-C (UVC) device that specifically targets shoe sole sanitization to enhance infection control and minimize contamination spread in clean work environments. ASE Direct will serve as a distributor for HealthySole through its contract status with multiple government entities, which focus on military and veteran healthcare.

“As we continue to fight healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), HealthySole is stepping to the forefront of infection prevention with a new application that is proven to kill pathogens and reduce the risk of transmission in just eight seconds,” said Dr. Jaime Wilbur, Vice President of the ASE Direct Medical Surgical Division. “ASE Direct is excited to bring this technology to Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense facilities, keeping them at the forefront of infection control as their clinical teams work to provide the best care to our service members and veterans.”

Studies show one way pathogens known to cause HAIs, including the coronavirus, are spread in healthcare and other facilities is often through foot traffic from room to room. However, rapid UVC decontamination of shoe soles decreases the pathogen load in the patient care environment. As part of a comprehensive infection prevention protocol, it may also help minimize patient-to-patient transmission of infectious disease and decrease the overall bioburden in the care environment.

The HealthySole PLUS unit uses advanced ozone-free UVC light technology to eliminate more than 99.7% of coronavirus and up to 99.99% of other common healthcare pathogens from shoe soles. Healthcare providers and other facilities nationwide, including fire and police departments, manufacturing facilities, and food processing plants, are adopting the units as part of comprehensive overhauls in infection control and environmental decontamination programs based on lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic prompts changing culture in health and safety

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed how people live and work. One of the greatest changes that ASE Direct expects to see is a continued need for the highest levels of personal protective equipment (PPE), especially as hospitals and healthcare facilities take time to update infection prevention measures.

A recent independent research survey by Verdantix supports this prediction. In 2021, 98% of businesses said they either plan on spending the same amount or more on PPE, compared to what was spent in response to the pandemic in 2020.

“Beyond the standard masks, gloves and disposable gowns, hospitals and healthcare organizations have been benefiting from modern technologies such as check-ins via smartphone and robot disinfecting systems,” Wilbur said. “Healthcare organizations have adjusted their budgets to accommodate PPE, and there is now more room available to try new things. That’s where HealthySole will play a critical role. What infection prevention specialists are realizing now is that shoes, floors and air movement need to be addressed too, as part of a refresh of infection prevention protocols.”

“People intuitively know that their shoes aren’t clean. Previously, there had not been a way to quickly sanitize the soles of shoes without the use of harsh chemicals and added gasses. We know, especially in healthcare settings, speed and safety matter,” said Nick DeOrio, Executive Vice President of Sales and Distribution at HealthySole. “Fortunately, HealthySole’s proprietary UVC technology offers a safe and effective solution. Being able to stop germs in their tracks in just eight seconds helps those on the frontlines feel safer, makes their lives easier, and helps to deliver better outcomes.”

About ASE Direct

Founded in 2005, ASE Direct (ASE) is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). ASE strives to be a data-driven company that provides industry-leading, high-demand products, services, and solutions to drive significant savings and growth for our clients, partners, and stakeholders. Through superior customer service, ASE has received the Inc. 500 Award five years in a row, the Largest Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business in Tennessee by the Nashville Business Journal for two consecutive years, and the HealthTrust Supplier Diversity Award in 2019.

About HealthySole

HealthySole provides the first third-party clinically tested method of using UVC light to decontaminate shoes, a potent vector of germ transmission, including COVID-19, in health facilities and other commercial settings, as well as homes. In clinical studies published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, HealthySole was proven to statistically significantly decrease the amount of study pathogen on shoes, floors, bedrails, hard touch surfaces, and at the room vent. In clinical studies published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, HealthySole was proven to be statistically significant in decreasing the amount of study pathogen on shoes, floors, bedrails, hard touch surfaces, and at the room vents. Learn more at

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