Bert MacQueen sells Beacon Habilitation for new life

Bert MacQueen of Loudonville poses with his Toyota Prius in front of the Beacon Habilitation business he founded a decade ago. MacQueen said he has sold Beacon and will start a website for Prius owners on traveling and solo camping in the vehicle.

LOUDONVILLE  Tiny house dwellers have nothing on Bert MacQueen.

The village resident is living in his car – by choice.

Until recently MacQueen owned Beacon Habilitation Center. But that was another life.

The Loudonville businessman is ready for a new adventure. So he sold his company to embark on a less traditional career as owner of a website touting his travel escapades in a Toyota Prius.

With his dog, Reese, MacQueen is “hitting the road to see America.”

He’ll join about a million other people in the U.S. who have ditched their homes to opt for life on the road in an RV. It’s called nomading. And MacQueen is geared up for his new lifestyle.

“I have owned and truly loved my hybrid Prius for 10 years, and have learned that many Prius owners enjoy using these cars for both camping and travel,” he said. “I’ve developed a system to convert the back end of my Prius into a one-person camper, and use the Prius’ unique characteristics as a way to travel America for very little cost.”

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MacQueen said his objective is to demonstrate how the Prius can be utilized and to show how to use the space to “comfortably sleep a person up to 6-feet tall.”

He said the car’s hybrid-electric generation components can produce enough power for a person to live.

MacQueen plans to make videos in national parks that showcase the history of each stop and what makes the location unique. 

Prius camping website highlights unique experience

The website – – will feature videos on how to convert a Prius into a functional year-round camper, MacQueen said, as well as describe what products are best for usage and storage. It will also showcase how to deal with situations like security, food prep, gathering and sterilizing water, setting up an entertainment system, interior and exterior lighting, soundproofing, modifications, and using solar energy to power appliances, as well as other traveling options.

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