Boulder seeking input on capital infrastructure tax

Boulder is asking voters for input on its capital, resilience and safety sales tax extension and the related bond measure, which are likely to be on the ballot in November.

If approved, the 15-year extension of the 0.3% sales tax and the bond measure, which would be up to $110 million, would help address some of the city’s $300 million in unfunded capital infrastructure needs.

Upgrades to Boulder Fire-Rescue facilities, maintenance of the city’s transportation network, Boulder Creek corridor improvements, renovations to the East Boulder Recreation Center and outreach and customer service technology upgrades are among the projects that the city has identified as high priorities and that the financial strategy subcommittee recommended.

The original version of the tax, which had been called the community, culture and safety tax, was approved by voters in 2014 and extended in 2017 for four years. It was passed to pay off a $49 million capital bond passed in 2011.

Since the measures would be extensions and not new initiatives, sales tax rates won’t increase if the measures appear on the ballot and are approved. The 0.3% sales tax is expected to generate $11.5 million annually over the 15-year period.

The tax sets aside some of the money for community nonprofit grants. Past funding has gone toward renovations to the Museum of Boulder and the Dairy Center, improvements to Growing Gardens and a new facility for Meals on Wheels.

Boulder voters will receive a text message from the city asking them to participate in a survey about the two measures. The news release states that questions will address items such as areas of focus, the proposed project list, bonding authority, the nonprofit component and the duration of the tax.

The survey is open through June 27 to all Boulder residents age 18 and older. To take the survey, visit

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