Ecolab to close its Mississippi facility next year

COLUMBUS, Miss. (AP) — A company that’s been making surgical instruments and equipment in Mississippi since 2007 announced plans to close its facility next year.

Ecolab, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, will close its facility in Columbus by mid-2022, said spokesman Roman Blahoski, The Commercial Dispatch reported.

“The pandemic impacted our surgical business, due to the broad cancellation of elective surgical procedures during the pandemic,” Blahoski said. “Because of that, we were reevaluating our operations and we determined that transferring the work from this facility to other Ecolab facilities will help offset the current challenges and better position the business.”

The facility specializes in manufacturing surgical instruments and equipment. There are currently 61 employees working in positions ranging from manufacturing to research and development, IT and customer service. Blahoski said 18 of the employees will work from home after the facility’s closure, while the remaining 43 will be laid off though they will have the opportunity to apply for other positions with the company, he added.

Blahoski said Ecolab’s decision to close the facility had nothing to do with the employees’ work performance.

“This facility closure is in no way because of the work that was done at the plant,” he said. “(We have) great employees doing great work (on) great products.”

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