Emerging Markets Report: The Value of Education

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ORLANDO, Fla., June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At a time of year when graduations are abundant and endearing, we are most pleased to commemorate the full graduation of profiled company Loop Insights Inc. to its new and improved expression as Fobi AI Inc. (TSX.V: FOBI) (FOBIF:OTCQB). The Company as you will recall, is a global leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive customer activation and engagement.

In an extra small nutshell, they make marketing and monetization smarter and more efficient.

And like most new graduates, today is about celebrating the value of education.

Well, sort of.

Days ago, Fobi announced the signing of a licensing agreement with CareSpace.AI that will bring the use of the Fobi Wallet pass to higher education facilities throughout North America and provide secure covid-19 vaccination confirmation and validation, true contact-less registration, promotion, payment, and more using the Fobi Wallet pass technology as well as adding Fobi SmarTap and Insight portal solutions for use in the CareSpace CampusPass platform (https://thecampuspass.com/).

We really like that the The CampusPass platform is being delivered in partnership with Microsoft and Unisys who are providing key elements of the data security and data privacy aspects of the platform. Clearly, these are good names to be linked with.

But what’s really intriguing is that this helps the Company break into the educational market in a significant way. We needn’t quote any major financial publication as to the size of a potential education market. Most everyone already knows just how large that market can be.

The release speaks clearly to the market opportunity:

“With more than 100 college campuses across the US already stating they will require proof of vaccination to resume in-person classes and on-campus activities and many who have already implemented the policy, there is a monumental need for higher education facilities to have in place a platform to manage accurate and secure records, in order to limit liability and ensure the safety of students and staff. The integration of Fobi’s Wallet pass with the CampusPass platform will also offer community partners and sponsors increased ways to engage with students through personalized promotions, events, and digital touchpoints.”

See what they did there?

The COVID need is the door opener, the gateway to laying tracks for a myriad of future revenue opportunities, which if fully realized, could truly express the real value of education for an all-new Fobi.

About Fobi
Fobi is a cutting-edge data intelligence company that helps our clients turn real-time data into actionable insights and personalized customer engagement to generate increased profits. Fobi’s unique IoT device has the ability to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure to enable data connectivity across online and on-premise platforms creating highly scalable solutions for our global clients. Fobi partners with some of the largest companies in the world to deliver best-in-class solutions and operates globally in the retail, telecom, sports & entertainment, casino gaming, and hospitality & tourism industries.

One of the major positives with Fobi has been a IoT Marketplace partner relationship with Canadian telecommunications behemoth, TELUS. It was affirming for us to see Fobi affiliated and working with such a major player.

That impressive association just went to the next level, perhaps exponentially, as Fobi just announced a multi-year reseller agreement with TELUS in which TELUS will be selling Fobi solutions directly to their national customer base as a TELUS product.

Per the agreement, TELUS, which took down $15.5 billion in annual revenue in 2020 and 16 million customer connections spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video, and security, will provide marketing, pre-sales, and sales services for Fobi products. This will allow Fobi to scale and grow the business much faster through a trusted partner. Telus will also provide service and support for Fobi products, which will help Fobi cut costs as it reduces the investments that Fobi will need to make to build out a service and support infrastructure.

In addition, Fobi immediately will see these long-term benefits:

  • Direct access to the large, national network of TELUS clients
  • Immediate access to the large, national TELUS sales & support team
  • TELUS reputation and status as a trusted national supplier
  • Accelerated sales growth with limited increase to infrastructure
  • Multiple-Year commitment and long-term sales visibility

It is hard to fully convey the potential size and scale of this opportunity and its actual impact will be told in Q’s and K’s. It is undeniable that this is massive for all the aforementioned reasons.

But it is very, very clear that Fobi AI just took their business to a whole new level.

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