Greeley facility now offers brachytherapy in cancer center – Loveland

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center has opened a high-dose rate brachytherapy suite in its facility at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley.

Banner MD Anderson reported that, while it has used brachytherapy for several years, the suite makes the treatment easier for patients. The Greeley suite also uses computed tomography scan abilities to treat a variety of cancers including prostate, gynecological, skin and certain types of breast cancer.

Typical radiation therapy used to treat cancers, known as external beam radiation, delivers high-energy beams directly at a patient’s tumor but often exposes healthy tissue to radiation. Brachytherapy delivers radiation therapy in small pieces of radioactive material placed inside the patient’s body, as close to the tumor as possible. This method gives high doses of radiation directly to the patient’s tumor, limiting radiation exposure to the healthy tissue.

“Having a brachytherapy suite means we have another treatment option for our patients,” Julianne Fritz, regional clinical administrative director for Banner MD Anderson oncology services, said in a written statement.

Banner MD Anderson at North Colorado Medical Center is located at 1801 16th St.

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