Marion nursing homes struggle to secure EMS services


For the last four months, Shannon Kellogg has been struggling to find a reliable EMS service. 

In March, medical transportation service MedCare stopped transporting residents from the Presidential Post-Acute nursing home in Marion to dialysis and doctors’ appointments. Then last month, Life Line Medical Ambulance said they will be cutting its services, too, the administrator said. 

“There is nobody servicing my building right now,” Kellogg said. “They state they don’t have enough drivers to be able to do it. 

“At least they gave us that explanation, but it still doesn’t help.” 

Like many other industries right now, EMS agencies across Ohio and the country are experiencing staffing shortages. In May, eight Cleveland ambulances went out of service due to short staffing, reported WJW-TV. That is about a third below what the city plans on each day to handle emergency calls.

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