Norse Highway teams pledge support to hedgehogs

Norfolk maintenance workers have pledged to always look first for hedgehogs in a bid to save the vulnerable creature from mowers.

Norse Highways and total facilities management (TFM) teams have worked with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) as part of Hedgehog Awareness Week.

The business took action as scores of hedgehogs are seriously injured by strimmers and mowers every year. 

Volunteers shared the story of Zatouichi, a hedgehog that experienced permanent eye damage – likely caused by the use of pesticides and herbicides and required nursing back to health.

As part of their commitment crews will check for wildlife first before they switch on their equipment, with hundreds of pieces of machinery labelled with reminders.

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Operations manager Irina Iordache said: “Hedgehogs are among Britain’s most loved creatures, and we’re keen to ensure they continue to thrive in their natural habitats across the country.

“Our mowers, trimmers and strimmers cover thousands of miles every year helping to maintain some wonderful locations, and whenever we come across wildlife, we make every effort to ensure we have a minimal impact on their environment.”

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